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Motion Sensor Switch (PIR) integrated...
Motion Sensor Switch (PIR) integrated...
Motion Sensor Switch (PIR) integrated...

Motion Sensor Switch (PIR) integrated in the aluminum profile with led strip


Motion Sensor Switch (PIR) for LED strip, FT-PR-01 is designed for automatic lighting control.

The sensor is made in the form of a printed circuit board without a housing, the overall dimensions of which allow it to be placed in an LED profile. The Motion Sensor Switch (PIR) FT-PR-01 is active both during the day and at night. After detecting movement in the monitored sector, the sensor helps to turn on the 12/24V light source (LED strip, LED bar, LEDs). The delay time of the switched on light is 30 seconds +/- 10 seconds, but if during this time the sensor sees movement, the time of the source glow will be prolonged.

To connect the sensor, you need to solder the contacts. On the one hand ("V +", "V-"), you need to supply a voltage of 12/24 volts, on the other side ("LED +", "LED-") connect a 12/24 V LED strip

Note! When installing the PIR sensor, it is important to protect it from shorting contacts on the bottom side. For this, the surface is insulated with a material that does not conduct current. Soldering the contacts must be done by briefly touching the soldering iron in order not to overheat the components on the board. Reverse polarity and short circuit is prohibited !!!!

2 years
Output power
12V: 60W, 24V: 120W
Output current
Input voltage
Output voltage
Detection range
Duration of ignition
30 seconds
Sensor angle
120 °C
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