Switch dimmable with infrared sensor...
Switch dimmable with infrared sensor...
Switch dimmable with infrared sensor...

Switch dimmable with infrared sensor integrated into the aluminum profile with LED strip


Switch dimmable with infrared sensor FT-PR-03 is an open-frame board with an infrared sensor that can be activated with a wave of the hand. The sensitivity range of the IR sensor is up to 10 cm. The operating voltage is 12/24 volts.

With the FT-PR-03 switch, you can control the LED illumination by moving your hand. With it, you can turn on and off the power, as well as control the brightness of LED strips, led strips, modules. The control is carried out contactlessly at a distance of up to 10 cm from the sensor. To switch it on and off, just move your hand within the sensor's field of vision. Dimming (brightness control) is performed by keeping your hand in the sensor's field of view until the required lighting level is reached. Green LED backlight helps to identify the sensor in the dark. The last brightness mode is not saved when the power is turned off.

The proximity switch is mounted in an LED profile with a diffuser. Moreover, if the plastic diffuser has an opaque structure, a hole must be made in the sensor area. This is necessary for the sensor to work correctly and to detect movement without obstacles. To connect the sensor, you need to solder the contacts. On the one hand (V +, V-), you need to supply a voltage of 12/24 volts, on the other side (LED +, LED-) connect the LED strip 12 / 24V, while observing the polarity.

Note! When installing the IR sensor, it is important to protect it from shorting contacts on the bottom side. For this, the surface is insulated with a material that does not conduct current. Soldering the contacts must be done by briefly touching the soldering iron in order not to overheat the components on the board. Reverse polarity and short circuit is prohibited !!!!

2 years
Output power
12V: 96W, 24V: 192W
Output current
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Output voltage
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