Customer guarantee

Refund and replacement

All products purchased from our company are covered by the warranty.

What should I do if defects are detected?

Please, provide the product to the store where the product was purchased. After that, the seller sends the goods to our office for diagnostics.

Our company will diagnose the product for free, after which one of three conclusions will be issued:

— the product has mechanical damage: in this case, the warranty is terminated and the product cannot be exchanged or returned;

— the product has no mechanical damage and is subject to warranty repair: in this case, our company accepts the product for warranty repair;

— the product is not mechanically damaged and cannot be repaired: in this case, our company either changes the product to another one of the same type, or refunds the money to the buyer.

What should I do if the product gets out of order?

If during the warranty period the product that you bought from us is out of order due to the fault of the manufacturer and cannot be repaired in our office, we will exchange the product for a similar one or refund the money.

To do this, please provide us with:

— product with a complete set;

— the document confirming the payment;

Checking completeness

Verification of completeness and absence of mechanical defects in the product by the seller or courier must be carried out at the time of delivery of the goods in the presence of the buyer.

The completeness of the product is determined by the product description or its operating instructions. Sometimes there may be options to differ from the configuration specified in the manual, as sometimes the manufacturer changes it without notice and without a mark in the manual.

If the difference in configuration is our omission, then we will eliminate it.

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